Welcome to the Retired Management Club of
New York Life Insurance Company


RMC is formed to: . . . maintain and renew friendships among retired management personnel of New York Life Insurance Company (hereinafter 'NYLIC'); develop new friendships among the Members; provide opportunities for social interaction and activities for the Members; enhance the reputation and business standing of NYLIC in the respective communities in which RMC Members reside; provide to NYLIC experienced, loyal retirees who are available to assist when, as and if called upon to do so; and offer Members an opportunity to participate in and support industry specific endeavors to improve the financial services industry and enhance the standing and reputation of NYLIC in the industry. RMC does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color or religion in membership, activities or in any other manner.


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The RMC has a Facebook page here...Open in a New Window Please join the conversation, leave a comment or two and connect with your RMC friends. We hope you will like our page and visit it often.


Please take a moment to look around at all of the pages. These may be accessed from the menu at the top of each page. The Newsletters page will have the last 12 RMC newsletters (staring with 2013); the Members page shows you how to join and renew your RMC membership, has the Membership Application form and a list of current members; the Our Next Reunion page has information about next year's site, the Registration Form, a list of who is coming and some ideas of things to see and do while you are there; the Our Last Reunion page includes a slideshow of pictures from the reunion as well as a list of all the prior RMC reunion sites; the Creative Works page is a place to find out what some of our members have done in the books and arts fields; the NYLIC Memorabilia page is a place to see and share the New York Life mementos you have collected along the way and the Endowment Fund page describes RMC's support of New York Life and The American College with our annual summer internship at The College for a college student or recent graduate interested in a career in financial services.



RMC Board





Michael Kraft


Vice President
Jules del Vecchio


Mike Burson


Jonathan Wooley


A/V and Web Manager
Jim Moore





Reed Williams





Jim Adkins


Steve Adkins


Ed Boyce


Fred Lindlaw


Brent Moore


Max Muñiz



Carl Peterman




Board Member Emeritus
Al Iovinelli