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NYLIC Door Knob - provided by Walt Hossfeld

NYL has a proud history both as a company and in the buildings we worked from. Started as The Nautilus Insurance Company in 1845, the name was changed in 1849 to our present name. The first headquarters where at 29 Wall St., then 68 Wall St, then 106 Broadway. We then built a building at 112-114 Broadway where these door knobs came from. Our current Home Office was built and occupied in 1926. The 112-114 Building was sold to the US Navy. All the door knobs where still on all the doors. A NYL officer went down to this building with a screw driver and took this door knob. Yes, he stole it. The officer is still alive and will remain nameless. He gave it to me when I officially opened the new Canadian Head Office in 1982. The final photo is the door knob given to Walt by a 90 plus Senior Nylic when he started to build our Canadian Head Office in 1982. The agent won it in a Sales Contest. He wanted me to have it as he was excited about New York Life building a Head Office in Canada. I put it on the door of my office until I retired in June 1989. - Walt Hossfeld